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"We need to adopt policies that promote the inclusion of youth in the agricultural sector. (...) The only way to ensure that this profession will be attractive for them is to guarantee an effective public support to family farming."

That's one of the demands recently approved by representatives of organizations of family farmers from Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania, who met in Abu Dhabi in January.

In the framework of the International Year of Family Farming, declared by the United Nations General Assembly, the organizations expressed their claims in a document signed by representatives of all continents.

The first demand states that “Every nation should have the right to develop their own food production as a basis for food security, in pursuance of their food sovereignty, considering climate change, which is a serious threat to farming family”.

Furthermore, they request governments to take “the implementation of the voluntary guidelines on responsible governance of tenure of land, fisheries and forests that they approved at the Committee on Food Security –CFS” as an urgent priority.

Among the demands there is a separate chapter for ensuring the equal rights of the men and women engaged in family farming. “Women living and working in rural areas are often discriminated in terms of their equitable access to productive resources such as land, water, credit and outreach services,” states the declaration.

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