Technical support for the Dominican Republic

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Besides providing support to Ecuador and Venezuela, in 2014 the IFAD Mercosur CLAEH program will also support the government of the Dominican Republic on family farming.

A document was signed recently by IFAD and the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development of the Dominican Republic, whereby the IFAD Mercosur CLAEH Program pledges technical support for 2014.

How will this help materialize? On the one hand by promoting and establishing a scope of public policy dialogue on rural development, based on the Southern Cone experience.
Moreover, considering the reorganization that is being planned for the Dominican Agrarian Institute (IAD), which looks after the land reform settlers, the program will contribute to review options for institutional adaptation. The aim is to evolve towards an Institute of Rural Development that looks after all the small family farmers.

This action plan was signed within the framework of the mission of the Mid-Term Review of the Pro Rural West Project and the Pro Rural Center-West Supervision Mission, which took place in the last week of November and the first week of December 2013, under the stewardship of Paolo Silveri , IFAD Country Programme Manager, Latin America and the Caribbean Division, and Carlos Mermot, technical assistant for the IFAD Mercosur program.

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