Training and information, pillars of the II Agreement with INDAP

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As of next March, the IFAD Mercosur CLAEH Program will implement the actions defined in the second agreement signed with Chile INDAP.

This agreement seeks to build competencies for the comprehensive management of cooperatives and to strengthen business leadership skills.
Business leadership and cooperative management skills will be strengthened. And territorial links between the enterprises will be tightened, creating agendas for regional and inter-regional coordination, cooperation and exchanges.

 The Web and capacities

Firstly, the agreement provides for the installation of a communications network on a web platform to facilitate exchanges between the leaders, who will be trained to use it.
In addition, it will develop an ad-hoc curricular grid to train leaders of cooperatives and associations, combining live attendance and e-learning. INDAP professionals will also be trained on cooperative business support.
There will also be seminars on coordination, cooperation and exchanges between regional cooperatives in at least six regions of Chile, the results of which will be published.
The agreement will be implemented by IFAD Mercosur Program and the Institute of Agricultural Development of Chile (INDAP) through the Professional Association "National Union of Family Farming Organizations of Chile - UNAF".

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