Inauguration of a new section: Experiences

campo experiencias

The Program IFAD Mercosur CLAEH incorporated a new section of contents that will be made available through this web site under the name “Experiences”. This material is meant to provide us first-hand accounts of the farmers’ experiences, with the testimonies of their lessons learned. The interviews will be led by specialized journalists from the region.

In our first issue we invite you to learn about the horticulture group Sauce de Luna and Ramona Ojeda.

In this framework, CLAEH’s Northeastern Region Division is conducting a survey in the area, taking note of the farmers’ key concerns, organizing workshops and meetings to define priorities, to discuss the various topics and incorporate them at the Family Farmers’ Meeting.

The preparatory activities include zone meetings with different groups of farmers, intended to listen to what they expect to include in contents, working methodology and participation of farmers and their families.


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