Support of IFAD in the improvement of access to instruments in Paraguay

campo visita seminario subregional
During the sub regional seminar in Montevideo, IFAD agreed to support the Coordinator of the Department Rural Associative Companies (CEARD).
This agreement is the result of the cooperation activities that the IFAD MERCOSUR Program has developed with the Center for the Analysis and Dissemination of the Paraguayan Economy (CADEP), in collaboration with CEARD.

IFAD will support CEARD in the strengthening of leaders’ capacities in the administration of cooperatives so they can increase their market share, integrate in the value chain and improve their trade negotiations.

Furthermore — through cooperatives— IFAD will provide its support for the construction of an information platform for family farmers on the evolution of markets and prices of farm products, seeking to improve their capacity and enhance their market share.

Moreover, the target will be to streamline CEARD’s access to the various instruments offered by the Paraguayan government to promote small farmers, including those that enable farmers to access financing, training and technology, so they can integrate the various value chains, including that of cassava, sesame, dairy, stevia rebaudiana, fruits and vegetables, i.e., the produces considered to be the stronghold of the Paraguayan small farmers’ cooperatives.

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