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Civil society and the United Nations' system will share a common logo for the International Year of Family Farming 2014.

The decision was adopted by vote on 25 March, at the mentioned meeting of the International Steering Committee. It is a great recognition of the work of global coordination done so far. In the same meeting, a draft of FAO's IYFF-2014 program was discussed and, after receiving many suggestions, the final version will be written up.

Any initiative or campaign, whether popular or institutional, must have an image that fits its actions together, a symbol of unity to pass messages on to society. With this aim, the World Rural Forum (WRF) in 2009 decided to create a logo and a slogan to be used in the then fledgling campaign for the proclamation of the International Year of Family Farming.

A colorful picture, in which you could see a family in the context of a rural green area, was born. A slogan that could sum up the potential and ambition of Family Agriculture also came quickly: Feeding the World, Caring for the Planet.

It's been three years since then and, fortunately, the IYFF-2014 is a reality. Since the UN declaration, it stands an opportunity for governments to take the necessary measures to protect and promote the work of women and men farmers from all continents. However, it will be very important to create a social awareness, a popular wave that will drive the necessary changes, always under the leadership of agricultural and civil organizations, in collaboration with FAO, IFAD and other international organizations.

Civil Society and institutions, each one in its scope, share the IYFF-2014 logo from now on. An image that will serve as a banner to claim the value of family farms to meet the challenges not only in rural areas but also in the rest of the planet.

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