"The idea seemed to be that either you were in agribusiness or you were marginalized”

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Ecuador is not a full member of Mercosur, and therefore participates as an associate in the Specialized Meeting on Family Agriculture sessions. IFAD Mercosur CLAEH Program spoke with Hugo Dután, who represented Ecuador in the XX REAF.

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Presidents support the IYFF-2014


The presidents of Latin America and the Caribbean, meeting in Havana, declared their support for family agriculture and especially for the International Year of Family Farming that is being celebrated in 2104.

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Training and information, pillars of the II Agreement with INDAP

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As of next March, the IFAD Mercosur CLAEH Program will implement the actions defined in the second agreement signed with Chile INDAP.

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Rural micro-credit: Uruguay aims to increase ceilings and beneficiaries

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The II Meeting of the Committee on Local Credit of the Rural Micro-Credit of the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fishing of Uruguay was held. “Thank you for all you have given and keep on giving to the country”, said President José Mujica to the rural people who participated in the meeting.

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Technical support for the Dominican Republic

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Besides providing support to Ecuador and Venezuela, in 2014 the IFAD Mercosur CLAEH program will also support the government of the Dominican Republic on family farming.

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