Sub Regional Seminar: policy dialogue and family farming


The Sub Regional Seminar "Impact of the dialogue on public policies for family farming in Mercosur" took place on the 15th of April.

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Substantial progress toward the Family Farming Fund


The Mercosur governments that created the Family Farming Fund in 2004 have tuned up the final adjustments of some operational aspects.

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2014, The International Year of Family Farming


The United Nations General Assembly declared 2014 the International Year of Family Farming.

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Agreement to identify the family farming universe

dilma evo 2012

The presidents of Mercosur decided that family farmers enrolled in the FF national registries of their respective states would be recognized as such.

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The San Juan Colloquium: a new step in the South-to-South Cooperation

San Juan 313 104

More than 700 people met in San Juan, Argentina, to debate on the various status of family farming in Latin America.

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