New World Food Day

dia alimentacion ifad 131016
Last week the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) celebrated the 33rd World Food Day.

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Policy Dialog: from vision to action

roma workshop 131017

A workshop took place in Rome on “Integration of policy dialog: from vision to action” on the 17th of October.

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Development and access to family agriculture technology

taller 131010

A preparatory workshop on the Regional Program for Cooperation and Sharing of Experiences on Public Policies for the Development and Access to Technology for Family Farming was held in Montevideo.

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Second Round-Table Meeting on Family Farming


Under the heading of “The REAF Experience in Mercosur”, the second round-table meeting on family farming took place in September in Colombia, at the request of the IICA.

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Preparatory meetings for XX REAF-PPTV

sede mercosur

The theme groups’ preparatory meetings for the XX REAF-PPTV will be held over two days in the Mercosur building in Montevideo.

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