Venezuela will have its first register of family farmers

gil ivan

Venezuela’s minister of Agriculture and Land, Yván Gil, announced that Venezuela will follow the other Mercosur countries and work on the implementation of a register of family farmers.

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Venezuelans were surprised to find out that REAF was not “a mere shell”, says Viscay

viscay lautaro linares brut

Lautaro Viscay is the technical secretary of the Specialized Meeting on Family Farming of Mercosur ( REAF) which recently held its twentieth edition.

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IYFF-2014 International Photographic Competition


The International Year of Family Farming highlights the crucial role family farming plays in the production of 70 % of the food produced in the world. This photo competition promotes the use of visual expression to give it further recognition and support.

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International Presentation on the Uruguayan Dairy Industry is Highlighted


“Seventy per cent of the dairy producers in Uruguay are family farmers”, said agronomist Gabriel Bagnato to a hefty audience from several Latin American countries, in the seminar on production held in the framework of the XX REAF.

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Feeding the World, Caring for the Earth. IYFF-2014


Upon the launching of the International Year of Family Farming in New York on November 22, they released the publication “Feeding the World, Caring for the Earth”. The document was produced by the World Rural Forum and the IFAD Mercosur Regional Program.

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