Second agreement between INDAP AND IFAD MERCOSUR

Start date: March 2014.

Location: Chile. 

Description: Last December, the Second Programme of Cooperation between the IFAD MERCOSUR Programme and the Institute for Agricultural Development in Chile (INDAP) was signed through the Professional Association “National Union of Organizations of Family Farming Producers of Chile – UNAF”.

It is intended to develop competencies for the comprehensive management of cooperatives and to strengthen leadership in business, from their respective roles, both organizational and technical.
This second agreement has the following general purposes:

• To develop a fluent exchange of information and views between the leaders of the central structure of the UNAF and the boards of the cooperatives or other local partnerships aimed at strengthening the businesses developed.

• To develop leadership business skills, mainly among the boards of cooperative enterprises.

• To tighten links between territorial cooperatives or other joint venture projects, developing coordination and cooperation agendas and promoting regional and interregional trade.

More specifically, the activities comprised in this second agreement will be:

• To install a communications network on a web platform to facilitate the exchange between leaders and train them in its use.

• To develop a curriculum for the training of leaders of Cooperatives and Partnerships, combining face-to-face and e-sessions.

• To develop a curriculum to train INDAP professionals that would support the development of businesses undertaken by cooperatives.

• To train 20 leaders, mainly from cooperatives, and train 20 professionals of INDAP according to the defined curricula.

• To implement workshops for the coordination, cooperation and exchange of regional cooperatives in at least six regions of Chile.

• To publish the results obtained from the execution of the activities carried out in the framework of this cooperative program.

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