Participation at the Fifth World Farmers’ Forum

Location: Rome

Date: 15-20 February 2014

Location: Romea

Description: The World Farmers' Forum is a meeting that gathers representatives of family farmers and small producers from five continents with representatives of governments and international organizations involved in this area, seeking to realize alliances and agreements in each country and between different regions.

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Date: from November 25 to 28 2013

Location: Caracas

Description: The XX Specialized Meeting on Family Farming (REAF), was held in Caracas, under the Pro Tempore Presidency of Venezuela. The XX REAF had delegations not only from the Mercosur countries, but others like Ecuador, for example. It gathered authorities, experts, representatives of civil society and social organizations. All with a common theme: family farming and potential ways to strengthen it.

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REGIONAL DIALOGUE on Family Farming "Towards the International Year of Family Farming."

Date: 30 and 31 2013

Location: Santiago de Chile

Description: The event seeks to promote a discussion between the different stakeholders to improve understanding of the role of family farming in the context of each region, including the identification of challenges, opportunities for development and investment, and policy priorities to achieve food security, eradicate hunger and alleviate rural poverty.

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SECOND ROUND-TABLE on family farming and regional development: the REAF Mercosur experience

Date: September 19, 2013

Place: Bogotá, Colombia

Description: IICA Colombia has seen fit to sign a Cooperation Agreement with the IFAD Mercosur

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SEMINAR - WORKSHOP: Cooperatives as the economic organization of family farming.

The Cooperatives as the economic organization of family farming: strategies for entering the markets and needs for investment.

Date: 27th and 28th of August 2013

Place: Chile. Valdivia.

Description: This Seminar was organized in the framework of the First Cooperation Program between the Agricultural Development Institute (INDAP) and the CLAEH IFAD Mercosur Regional Program, and it implies the continuity of a number of actions that are currently underway in the framework of this program, as an effort to learn about and promote cooperativism as an efficient economic organization for family farming.

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